Brain Health And The Importance Of Memory Testing

What Is Brain Health? What exactly does brain health refer to? It’s the ability to utilize your brain efficiently through the ability to remember, learn, plan and maintain a clear mind. A lot of things affect your brain health such as your diet, daily routine, sleep cycle, and more. It’s essential to take care of…

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Early Onset Alzheimer’s

concerned about memory

Alzheimer’s is a disease that many people associate with the elderly. While it is true that many people in their mid-to-late 60’s are often diagnosed, people as young as 30 have been told they have Alzheimer’s. When you’re that young, you and the people around you are probably not watching for the signs of this…

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Stages of Caregiving: Late-Stage Alzheimer’s

Caring for someone with late-stage Alzheimer’s can last month or years, depending on how fast the disease progresses. In this last stage, your loved one is often incapable of doing anything for themselves, requiring you to be their life support. After going through the early and middle stages of Alzheimer’s, here are some facts and…

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Living with Alzheimer’s: You’re Not Alone

Getting diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, dementia or Lewy Body Dementia can be completely shocking and throw your world out of orbit. Many people living with the disease often feel alone and that no one understands. Even with the best and most loving caretakers, people can’t help but feel isolated. If this sounds like you or someone…

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What Are the Early Signs of Alzheimer’s? [Part 2]

Noticing the early signs of Alzheimer’s is important to keeping track of your health and monitoring how fast the disease develops. If you don’t know what the early signs of Alzheimer’s and dementia are, here is a list of symptoms that are most common in individuals. 5 Early Symptoms of Alzheimer’s and Dementia

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What Are the Early Signs of Alzheimer’s? [Part 1]

Do you know the early signs of Alzheimer’s? Alzheimer’s is a brain disease that slowly impacts the memory, thinking and reasoning skills of individuals overtime. If you’re not paying attention, this disease can sneak up on you. Be aware of these symptoms that you or someone you know may experience. 5 Early Signs of Alzheimer’s

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The Importance of Understanding and Detecting Alzheimer’s Disease

Detecting Alzheimer’s is important for the patient and the family for many reasons. There are many changes that will take place when a person has Alzheimer’s. It will be very difficult on the patient, their families, and caregivers because of the changes. By ensuring Alzheimer’s (AD) is detected and diagnosed correctly, everyone involved is able…

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What is Lewy Body Dementia?

As we reach the end of our series talking with healthcare professionals regarding dementia, we stumble across an interesting area of dementia, Lewy Body dementia. One of our favorite celebrities Robin Williams, an American comedian, had this disease and his death has help shed much needed light on the topic.

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How Alzheimer’s and Dementia Impact the Family

This blog post will focus on the burden of the caregiver and how the looming symptoms of dementia will eventually effect the family. We continue our transcription of The Sound of Ideas talk show and get a chance to hear from someone in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease. We encourage people to stay healthy…

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Do Women get Alzheimer’s disease more than Men?

This week we ask doctors and Alzheimer’s advocates why the numbers on Alzheimer’s are so far tipped towards women. 2/3’s of reported Alzheimer’s cases in America are women! That seems like a big deal but read on to find out just why… Mike McIntyre : We were talking with Joan Euronus, who has Alzheimer’s, was…

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