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  • Get in-depth results analysis written by Stanford University's Dr. J. Wesson Ashford M.D., Ph.D.
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An fun way to test your brain health

MemTrax is a test tool that is enjoyable to use, just like a memory game. Have some fun while keeping your brain healthy.


Track your progress and compare the results

When you use MemTrax over time, you get a picture of how your brain health is changing as you age.

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Get tips to improve your brain health

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What people are saying


Having this interesting insight on my memory gives me peace of mind that my brain is healthy.  I love getting a 100%!

Nancy Williams MemTrax Member

I have a new level of insight into how my brain is doing with the MemTrax test. I have taken my blood pressure regularly to see how my heart is doing for years, and now using MemTrax regularly I can see how my brain is doing.

Paul O'Neil MemTrax Member

This is an excellent memory test far superior to lots of tests one finds in the web. Also, I find the test very fun and a true challenge to yourself.

Jorge Manuel Ribeiro MemTrax Member

MemTrax is like the FitBit for your Brain!

Michelle Wong MemTrax Member