How Long Does It Take for a Chiropractor to Fix Headaches?


Depending on the intensity and the type of headache you experience, you can expect to feel a significant improvement after only a few weeks of receiving chiropractic care. The chiropractors at Snap Crack have found that most of their patients achieve substantial pain relief after several weeks of treatment depending on whether the headache is caused by nerves, chemicals in the brain, blood vessels, or other conditions such as a head injury, infection, or dehydration. Schedule a consultation with your trusted chiropractor to find the headache relief you need.

How Can Your Chiropractor Help Relieve Headaches?

Whether you are dealing with migraines, tension headaches, or headaches caused by any other source, chiropractic care is a great way to manage and relieve this pain. Chiropractic care is known for its non-invasive way of treating a variety of conditions and it will do the same for a headache. Offering a non-addictive alternative to relying on prescription medications, a chiropractor will perform an adjustment that will help to reduce joint restrictions or any misalignments of the spine. With this technique, the aim is to reduce inflammation and improve the function of the nervous system and, in particular, of the affected joint. When joint mobility is increased, the nervous system and the health of the spine will also improve, giving your body the ability to manage the pain that is caused by tension or migraine headaches.

Additionally, chiropractic care and a chiropractic adjustment will provide you with these benefits:

  • Decreased discomfort and pain
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Relief from tension disorders and stress
  • Better physical function and performance

To determine whether a chiropractic adjustment is what you need to take care of that persistent headache, schedule a consultation with your chiropractor. They will start by performing an examination, noting your medical history, and deciding whether imaging such as an MRI or an X-ray would be helpful. Your chiropractor may conclude that the most appropriate approach to treat your headaches and give you long-lasting relief is to collaborate with other healthcare providers such as a physical or massage therapist or your primary care physician.

You may also be given some exercises to perform at home and nutritional guidance to avoid trigger foods that might make your condition worse.

What Could Be Causing Your Headaches?

It is normal to have an occasional headache. You may feel the pain due to stress, a sudden loud noise, a bit of too much alcohol, or for many other reasons. Headaches can also range from simply being something annoying to becoming something debilitating that can have a measurable impact on your life.

What Else Can a Chiropractor Help Me With?

Once you feel the relief of taking care of your headache, you may be interested in knowing how else a chiropractor can help with the maintenance of your health. Through chiropractic care, you can prevent future injuries and optimize your fitness. Your chiropractor may also help you deal with conditions such as:

  • Nervous system issues
  • Lower back pain
  • Stiffness and pain in your neck
  • Shoulder pain
  • Knee pain
  • Whiplash
  • Sports-related injuries
  • Injuries due to car accidents

You may begin treatment at your primary care doctor and be referred to a chiropractor or treatment may initiate directly at your chiropractor’s office. For now, if your only concern is getting rid of those persistent headaches, do not immediately turn to medication. Consider visiting your chiropractor and allowing them to treat the headaches through a chiropractic adjustment that can not only relieve this pain but will also boost your feeling of well-being and improve your overall health.