Meet the MemTrax Family

Thank you all for being a part of MemTrax. We hope you enjoy this brief overview regarding our team and purpose.

Curtis Ashford, Wes Ashford

Me and my Father hard at work creating MemTrax…

My name is Curtis Burkett Ashford, and since 2011, I have been responsible for overseeing the creation and development of the MemTrax platform. While completing my Bachelor’s degree in cognitive psychology, at San Jose State University, I became interested in understanding brain health. My studies had introduced me to several different cognitive tests, but I was amazed to find that these tests, developed decades ago, have not changed to meet the demands of the digital age. I would also always hear my father, Dr. Ashford, discuss these types of tests in their studies at the VA and Stanford research projects. After graduating, I continued to administer computerized cognitive tests at the Silicon Valley Memory Clinic. This experience has given me a solid understanding of what is available and what needs to be created moving forward.

MemTrax Team

Welcome to the MemTrax Family!

So much has changed with technology and what is known of the human brain. It is baffling to see the lack of progression in the cognitive testing realm. So I’ve decided to do something about it. Together with my father, who continues to author research publications in the Alzheimer’s field, I’ve created MemTrax to improve the way families and their health care providers’ measure, monitor, and manage brain health.

Using technology for early detection, intervention, and education, we are on a mission to improve people’s health. We thank everyone who has registered with us and supported us throughout our development phase. After many prototypes, and months of development, we have now created a memory test that allows to display and manage test results, as well as collect data for research. We are happy to announce that the development phase is over and we hope you like what we have to offer! With your continued support we will be able create more tests that measure different areas of brain health and concentrated on research to contribute to a healthier aging population. We wish to continue to improve the MemTrax experience to best fit the needs of our users and therefore your feedback would be much appreciated.

One of the greatest aspects of leading the development of MemTrax is seeing the team working together. Thank you to everyone who has helped us to get through our development phases. To my Dad, who I started this company with to bring the world a fast, fun, and free memory test. To my Mom, who continues to help improve the user interface (love you mom!). My awesome girlfriend Miriam has kept me motivated and professional in so many ways and I am more than grateful for her being in my life. To my wonderful sisters, who have contributed so much in the way of motivation and design. To my brother and his lovely family for providing marketing support. To my business partner, Keith, for his numerous and continued contributions. To Rob, our lead designer. Thank you to the many other people who have contributed time, energy, and ideas to help us get to where we are. Each person brings a unique style and profession to the table and it is great to watch everyone collaborate together to develop and continuously improve MemTrax. And thank you to you, the users and stay tuned for future developments!

Wishing you all good health!

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