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A Cognitive Test for Better Brain Health

Smart Test

Utilize technology for cognitive monitoring.

Medical Expert

Early detection is critical for brain related issues.

Brain Game

Gamified memory test for maximum repeatability.

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Minerva Gaynor

High School Math and STEM

"My Doctor makes me feel completely rejected, completely ignored, overlooked, sidelined. Dr. Ashford has been so kind in explaining everything about this memory test."

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Carole Carson

Author, AARP website contributor

"I doubted its credibility ... but I was wrong, so I must set the record straight. The MemTrax test is the gold standard for measuring memory skills. You can find it on the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America website..." - Read Article - Click HERE

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Jorge Manuel Ribeiro

First MemTrax Member

"This is an excellent memory test far superior to lots of tests one finds in the web. Also, I find the test very fun and a true challenge to yourself. Have taken my blood pressure regularly to see how my heart is doing for years, and now using MemTrax regularly I can see how my brain is doing as well."

puneet chandak memtrax helper

Dr. Puneet Chandak

Radiology | Nuclear Medicine

Providing clarity, reliability, and experience is what we strive for at Silicon Valley Medical Imaging. We have been using MemTrax in our clinics since 2010 and appreciate the convenience.

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The Easiest and Most Accurate Dementia Test

Our picture Memory Test is fun, short, and informative with beautiful new pictures every time you re-take it.

The design is simple to use and the test results are easy to understand.

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Causes of Short Term Memory Loss


-Prescription Drugs

-Alzheimer's Disease

-Sports Injury

-Alcohol Abuse

-Parkinson's disease


-Traumatic Brain Injury

-Other Brain Health Disorders


      There are many potential causes of memory loss, from diseases and conditions like Alzheimer's and dementia, to traumatic head injuries and strokes. But even everyday lifestyle choices can impact our ability to remember things clearly. For example, not getting enough sleep, drinking too much alcohol, or not eating a healthy diet can all lead to memory problems.


Short Term Memory Loss Test


20+ Peer Reviewed Research Publications

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