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•Attention   •Reaction   •Cognition

Detect the earliest signs of memory changes by measuring the type of memory most commonly associated with problems in brain function.

MemTrax Delivers a Better Brain Assessment

We build the best-in-class testing software for every situation, from our mobile accessibility to reliable performance, easy to use and understand, and powerful self scoring data tracking.

You care about your memory. We do, too.

A few of the cognitive health goals you can accomplish with MemTrax

Understand Your Memory

Test how new changes in medication, sleep patterns, diet, or exercise might impact your memory.

Track Your Memory

Easy to use graphs and charts for measuring neurocognitive function. Tracking your memory over time helps identify memory changes early.

Based On Science

Developed for over 30 years with a vast network of Doctors, Researchers, Scientists, and Programmers.

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Only takes about 3
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Data anonymization to protect your records


What our customers are saying...

memory test

"MemTrax is like the FitBit for your Brain! I use several devices to watch health metrics daily, MemTrax is a breeze."

-Michelle Wong


"This is an excellent memory test far superior to lots of tests one finds in the web. Also, I find the test very fun and a true challenge to yourself."

-Jamal Davis

"I have a new level of insight into how my brain is doing with the MemTrax test. I have taken my blood pressure regularly to see how my heart is doing for years, and now using MemTrax regularly I can see how my brain is doing."

-John Workman

Alzheimer's test

" I love getting 100%!"

-Joanne Tackett

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