MemTrax Memory Test | Presenting for Alzheimer’s Research Symposium at Stanford

Yesterday the MemTrax team got out to the Alzheimer Association’s annual Alzheimer’s research symposium to present a poster based on some recent data collected. We analyzed data from 30,000 users in association with HAPPYneuron, a group in France that has helped in the forefront of our development efforts. HAPPYneuron is an online brain training company that offers a wide variety of innovative brain games, training platforms, and research tools. Our analysis of the data provided many interesting findings in regards to our memory test.


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It was very interesting to see in the data that women between 40 and 70 years took considerably more tests. This may indicate that women are more concerned about their memory compared to men and women at other ages. As expected, it was also found that the number of correct responses decreased and the reaction time increased with age for both men and women equally. Based on these result it seems that MemTrax is a suitable approach to evaluate episodic memory function online and can be used to track memory performance over time. We are still in the process of carrying out more analysis and are looking forward to keep everyone up to date with exciting findings soon.


This event comprised of some of the greatest minds aggressively pursuing brain and aging research. It was very exciting as the first encounter was an introduction to William Fisher the CEO of the Alzheimer’s Association, a great and noble gentleman, who is passionately pushing for much more Alzheimer’s research. A true honor to meet Dr. Mike Weiner from UCSF/SFVA and The Brain Health Registry in person and listen to his ideas and opinions of the future of the field of Alzheimer’s research. Many other great minds from all around the world gathered to share amazing advancements and progression. Heated discussions over Tau, failed Amyloid hypothesis, APoE4/4 genetics, Microglial potassium channels, mice models, and more open new doors for future thought.


Information on the Event

Information on the Event

A big congratulations to all the presenters and poster prize award winners. The science that is most awarded is related to the mice model studies as they work hard to discover a possible cure for Alzheimer’s disease. The event was absolutely amazing! Unfortunately the MemTrax team did not win for the second attempt at this event and will continue to try to earn the amazing plaque, the competition is solid and we will have to step up our game if we want to compete! The Alzheimer’s Association group in this area did a great job organizing and hosting this event. The new venue at the Stanford Alumni building gave us a lot more room for the conference, luncheon networking event, and poster session areas. We got to connect with several scientists in the field and had lots of exciting discussions and idea’s flowing around.


If you are interested in seeing the full research poster follow this link: MemTrax Poster Link | CLICK HERE


MemTrax Poster

MemTrax Poster Final

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