Top Things You Need To Know About Data Privacy Laws

data privacy

As we become increasingly reliant on technology, it is important to consider the implications of our online activity. One major concern is data privacy: who has access to our personal information, and how is it used? While companies have a responsibility to protect our data, we also need to be aware of the ways in…

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Become a MemTrax Member and Engage with Your Brain Health

Hello MemTrax friends! We are very happy to announce several exciting developments… Whats new at MemTrax? We have completely overhauled the MemTrax website. -A new and improved database infrastructure allow us to safely and securely house your test history for your future reference. -Membership signup allows for a more extensive brain health profile as we…

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Meet the MemTrax Family

MemTrax Team

Thank you all for being a part of MemTrax. We hope you enjoy this brief overview regarding our team and purpose. My name is Curtis Burkett Ashford, and since 2011, I have been responsible for overseeing the creation and development of the MemTrax platform. While completing my Bachelor’s degree in cognitive psychology, at San Jose…

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Ipad Toting Doctors Spur Venture Funding In Medical Apps

Venture capitalists seeking to profit from innovations in health care are turning to startups that make smartphone and tablet applications for doctors and hospitals. Two years ago, patients would be surprised to see their doctors pulling out an Apple Inc. (AAPL)iPhone to check their blood sugar, or cardiogram results. Now they’re finding such practices commonplace as…

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MemTrax Memory Test – Designed to Help People

A Fun Picture Memory Test      With the system of healthcare in the United States and the rapid aging of the baby boomer generation, there will be an increasing difficulty for medical professionals to meet the healthcare demands of a disproportionate population of elderly citizens who may experience mild cognitive impairment. New methodologies that utilize…

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MemTrax versus the Mini Mental Status Exam

MemTrax a Cognitive Test Designed to Be Fun and Repeatable for Everyone Neuropsychological and cognitive assessments are both methods of understanding the capacity at which an individual is mentally performing. People that are familiar with cognitive and neuropsychological assessments are likely to have experiences with the Mini Mental Status Exam (MMSE). For those who have…

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