National Memory Screening Week is NOW!!

What is National Memory Screening Week?

It all started as National Memory Screening Day and this year is the first year that the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America has expanded the initiative to cover an entire week. The week started on Sunday and will run the full seven days from November 1st to November 7th. During this time people are encouraged to get their memory screened for monitoring brain health along the continuum of their lifespan. Early screening helps identify the first stages of a possible problem and is so critical to taking a proactive stance when protecting your brain health and MemTrax fully supports this week! The Empire State Building was lit up teal in recognition for AFA’s amazing initiatives!

How will you prevent Alzheimer disease?

Will you help me?

Also if you are interested in your brain health and supporting research in this area, than there is a new way for you to lend your mind and your time to science! University of California’s San Francisco has developed The Brain Health Registry (BHR) under the lead of ADNI’s Dr. Michael Weiner. The registry collects personal background information, cognitive test scores, and other relevant information and has thereby created a database where data from currently over 30,000 people can be analyzed for better understanding the human brain. We are extremely proud that MemTrax is one of the featured cognitive assessments in the brain health registry research test list. As part of the MemTrax mission to advance the fight against memory related disorders, we provide this to UCSF for free.

The Alzheimer’s Global Initiative is also gearing up to tackle dementia by providing brain health training and tutorials. As there are no signs of a new drug being developed we must answer the question, “What can we do now?!.” By providing information on healthy eating habits we can work to inform people that there are thing you can change in your daily life that will increase your chances of living a happier and longer life. Finding the right exercise plan can really make a difference in mood, weight, and other huge factors that effect your health; that many people choose to overlook. Get out, get active, and get motivated!!

What are YOU doing for National Memory Screening Week? If nothing else at least take a free memory screening test at MemTrax. The AFA has options to participate if you are a large establishment and wish to provide assistance with hosting. As the holidays approach it is a good idea to keep this in the back of your mind and checkup on your loved ones.

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