Top 5 Healthy Hair Tips

There’s nothing like being hair confident, and this can be achieved through the right care and
attention. However, whilst many people can make this look effortless, for others, this may take a lot
more than just changing shampoo. To help, here are our top 5 tips to achieve healthy-looking hair,
from quick fixes to long term solutions.

Hair Transplants

If the issue with your hair goes deeper than something a new product can help with, considering
surgical options is the next logical step. The good news is, having a hair transplant has advanced in
its technique and application over the last few years, meaning achieving a natural-looking healthy
head of hair is possible, A hair transplant in Turkey is one of the many great options available to
those suffering from hair loss or hereditary baldness. The procedure itself is much less invasive than
you would expect, with hair extracted from one part of your body to the concerning area. If you’ve
tried other methods to no avail, a hair transplant can restore your healthy head of hair whilst costing
much less outside of the UK.

Avoid Too Much Heat

If you like to style your hair using straighteners, curlers or just a straightforward blow-dry, this may
be causing more harm than good. Whilst your hair will look good in the short term, the long-term
effects of using heat products on your hair can leave it dry, damaged, and frizzed. You can use heat
protecting sprays to help reduce this strain on your hair, but long term it’s best to reduce the
number of days you do so and go for a more natural look.

Change Your Towels

Whilst towel-drying your hair is part of many people’s routine after washing it, it can in fact put a lot
of strain on your follicles and damage the strands. This is because regular towels designed to dry
your skin can pull on your hair. One tip is to use a microfiber towel designed to be more delicate on
your hair. The smoother surface will still soak up the water but avoid damaging your hair

Use Hair Oils

Whilst shampooing your hair and using conditioner to replace lost oils is recommended and part of
most people’s hair care routines, it may not be enough to keep your hair in great condition. A
solution to this is using specialised hair oils that can be left in your hair for a few hours or even
overnight. Hair oils will help to nourish the scalp, with coconut, almond and olive oils all
recommended. Applying oil helps to lock in moisture and avoid having a greasy or overly oily
appearance. It also helps to stop hair breaking and keep each strand soft and manageable.

Address Your Diet

An area many people may overlook when it comes to hair health is their general diet. Like our bodies
need essential vitamins and minerals, our hair needs this too. If you have a vitamin deficiency, this
may cause long-term damage to your hair, so look to increase your intake of protein and vitamins to
counter this. If doing so by food intake is difficult, try using supplements to top up on vitamins, iron,
and zinc you may be lacking.

Following the above tips should give your hair the boost it needs, with many easy to do straight
away. If your hair health is concerning to you, speak to an expert and look at further specialised

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