Everyday essentials for coping with hair health

Looking back over the years, we spent a lot of time battling our curls with the frizz, tangles and hiss of hair irons. These days we’ve learnt to appreciate these luscious locks. More importantly though, we also know how to look after them.

Whether or not, you’ve undergone the innovative unshaven hair transplant, hair care is vital for everyone. So, from one conditioner connoisseur to another, these are some of the top tips and tricks that are a must for anyone who wants the best for their hair.

1) Diet, diet, diet

As with any part of your health, what you eat has a significant impact on your hair. Vitamin B12 and iron, typically found in fish, will prevent a dry scalp and keep your hair colour from fading. Whereas dark green vegetables, which contain high levels of vitamin A and C, ensure your hair stays beautifully conditioned. Protein which supports hair growth can be found in legumes and food items such as cereal grains, soy flour and egg yolk provides your hair with a decent dose of biotin which prevents brittle strands.

2) And for cleaning?

Using a high-quality shampoo and conditioner regularly is fundamental for supporting hair growth and keeping your scalp in good shape. Products such as these will keep moisture locked in and top up your hair with the vitamins and minerals it relies on to stay full, firm and fresh. Some people prefer to use a separate shampoo and conditioner if they want to treat hair colour, style or rate of hair growth specifically. As for us, we like to keep hair care simple. Personally, we recommend Head and Shoulders Two in One Shampoo and Conditioner. The benefits you may ask? Not only is this product available at most retailers, but it does multiple jobs for the price of one bottle.

3) Equipment

You’ll be pleased to know that nothing heavy duty is required when thinking of your healthy hair. All you should ever need is a strong, reliable brush or comb. Use it every day and you’ll avoid knots which can brutalise your hair. As an added bonus, it will save you the painful and time-consuming process of pulling them out.

Normally we wouldn’t recommend using a blow dryer, hair straighteners or a curling iron as temperatures from these can reach up to 400 degrees; this can have a devastating impact on your hair. However, if this is going to be unavoidable, we strongly advise using a protection spray or mist to help minimise any risk while using these devices. TRESemmé has a long-standing reputation for providing such products. They would be our first port of call and are usually sold in retailers like Boots.

In summary

Overall your hair care will naturally have to be adapted to your needs. But follow these three simple guidelines to look after your hair and we have no doubt that your hair will look after you as well.

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