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MemTrax is a family-founded business created to motivate and inspire people into taking a proactive and preventative approach to caring for their brain health.

Our mission is to continue to develop innovative cognitive assessments that are fun and repeatable while advancing research to better understand the human brain. Despite thorough research, Alzheimer’s is a complicated disease that scientists and physicians are still trying to piece together. It’s an illness that must be taken just as seriously as any physical ailment. We are here to help instigate that care process.

Our online brain test for dementia is changing the way of detecting memory loss early on. We want people to live their normal lives for as long as possible and the only way to do this is by noticing early signs and testing for Alzheimer’s early on. The MemTrax online assessment tests the memory accurately and frequently while providing reliable test and retest measurement. MemTrax measures your brain’s health over time so you can deduce whether or not your forgetfulness is normal or the sign of a serious problem.

MemTrax CEO

Curtis Ashford

CEO and Founder

As a psychology major I was always interested in cognitive tests so I had an idea: Lets bring them online.  By mixing science, technology, and teamwork we can make something useful to help the world.

Inventor of the MemTrax memory screening test

Dr. Ashford


Dr. Ashford is a Director at the VA Palo Alto Health Care System, a Clinical Professor at Stanford University, and a Senior Research Scientist at the Stanford Aging Clinical Research Center. Dr. Ashford is constantly working to develop more effective tools for Alzheimer’s measurement and detection.

Keith Hamrick MemTrax

Keith Hamrick

Co Founder

MemTrax Websmaster Robby

Robby McCullough



Joanne Ashford



Miriam Ashford


MemTrax Team
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