Tired of Forgetting?  Your Memories Matter.

Learn whats causes memory loss, and see for yourself.

Sleep Deprivation
New Medication
Aging or Something Else?

Challenge Your Memory

Meet the Doctor and Inventor

Dr Ashford Inventor of  the MemTrax memory testDr. Ashford is a leading Alzheimer’s researcher and Clinical Professor (affiliated) of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University.

How Fast Are You?

Online Memory Test

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Given the opportunity to look at a photo, can you compare it and remember which one you saw? 

That is the challenge facing you with MemTrax.

Can you score 100%?

Improve Memory and Reaction Scores Over Time

The Memory Test Doctors Use

Measure Your Memory

Over 20 Years of Scientific Development

MemTrax is the most scientifically accurate measurement of your memory and reaction time. 

The only memory test that allows you to measure along a continuum as you age.

MemTrax User Testimonial...As I get older it seems that there is always something changing around me. Having this interesting insight on my memory gives me piece of mind that I am cognitively healthy, plus I just love keeping track of my personal health."
MemTrax Member - John Workman

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