MemTrax, designed by neuroscientists, is an online memory test that helps you measure and monitor memory.

Are you interested in how your memory and brain is performing? With MemTrax, you can keep track of your memory and brain health and assess your performance at different points in time.  It's fun and only takes about 3 minutes!

Exercise Your Brain - The Fun Way to Measure Memory

Created and Used by Doctors to Help You

Dr Ashford Inventor of  the MemTrax memory testDr. Ashford is a leading Alzheimer’s researcher and Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University.

MemTrax can not diagnosis an illness, but declining scores over time can be an indicator of a potential problem.

Challenge Your Brain


Take a Proactive Approach to Brain Health

The MemTrax Memory test lasts about 3 minutes and we designed it to be available on most computers, tablets, and phones. The test is designed with the user in mind to be fun, repeatable, and give an accurate measurement of your brain health.

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Distinguish between Normal Forgetfulness and Potential Problems


Measure Your Memory and Attention

Have you been feeling forgetful? With our test graphs, you can measure and monitor your brain health across time. Understand whether your forgetfulness is normal, or the sign of a serious problem. 

MemTrax User Testimonial"My mother has and my grandmother had Alzheimer's so at age 61, I am greatly concerned about my future. Like most baby boomers, I have my share of "senior moments," ... I feel good knowing I am doing everything I can to head off a truly frightening disease."
MemTrax User - Rich Blumenthal

There are several types of treatable conditions
that can be causing memory problems.