Why is it Easier to Remember Whiteboard Videos?

Whiteboard videos are those animated short films which all of us have seen on various social media platforms, websites and especially YouTube. It generally consists of sped up animation that shows a hand drawing on a whiteboard, while an accompanying voice attempts to explain the idea or the concept in an innovative and easy to understand manner. Whiteboard videos have been found to be exceptionally effective in marketing and at explaining just about anything, but the question is, what is it that makes these videos so effective and easy to remember for the target audience? Let’s try and answer that question with the help of the following points.


Human beings are definitely capable of handling a lot of complexity, but by default, we tend to remember things better when they are simple. Now, the concept, idea or product that you are trying to explain/promote and get across to your audience doesn’t necessarily have to be simple, as long as the method in which you impart that knowledge is simplistic to the senses. This is the most important and prominent reason as to why a well-made whiteboard video stays with the audience a lot longer and in more details than any other form of media. Not only do they simplify the concept for everyone to understand, but the minimalistic and strategically pointed nature of the video helps the audience to remember the necessary details later on as well.


Whiteboard videos are short because they need not be long, and that’s an inherent advantage which they have over other types of video. Most experienced marketers know that people these days do not stick around and watch videos for too long and that’s why ads and promotions have become quite short these days. However, in order to do so, they often end up sacrificing details and quality, something that doesn’t happen to short whiteboard videos since they are capable of getting across a lot of information within a very limited time because that’s an inherent property of the platform itself. The longer a video stretches, the harder it becomes to remember it and especially the details, but if a video can deliver a lot of details in a simplistic manner, within a short time, the audience will invariably find it easier to remember.


Not everything that’s simple attracts people, or else we would all still be watching the children’s shows. However, whiteboard video is that rare medium where the artists are able to combine simplicity with attractiveness and are capable of holding the attention of the audience till the end in most of the cases. Where is the appeal then? Well, quite simply put, they are fun to watch and if given a choice between reading through lines or pages of boring material and watching an interesting, creative animation, most people would choose the latter. The more attractive we find something, the easier it is for us to remember it in both the short and the long term, so appeal is one more reason as to why whiteboard videos are so easy to remember for everyone.

In conclusion, it can be said that we tend to remember things that are simple, short and appeal to us; a properly created whiteboard video fulfills all the three criteria, so it isn’t really a surprise that they leave such a long-lasting impact on the minds of the audience.

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