Top Tips for Breaking into Healthcare

At times, people follow certain career paths because of convenience or certain circumstances beyond their control. However, opportunities always arise to redirect your steps and change the path you’ve chosen to take. If you happen to be in an industry that you no longer have a passion for, you may be thinking about breaking into a new one. A popular industry that people tend to find themselves in is healthcare for many reasons. Aside from being able to save lives and boost the health of those around you, perhaps you have a genuine interest in the nooks and crannies of healthcare. If this happens to be the case for you, find top tips for breaking into the industry below.

Make a Decision

When it’s time to change career paths, it can be daunting and easy to become bogged down by indecision. Make up your mind about the next steps you’re going to take and avoid trying to talk yourself out of it. To make a decision and stick to it, understand your emotions and be sure they aren’t clouding your decision. Try and ensure fear isn’t getting in the way of you taking the steps necessary to move forward in your career.

Set Goals

When you’re thinking about breaking into the healthcare industry, it’s imperative that you set goals. This is especially important if you’re presently in a different sector and may need to transition. It’s also important that you set goals so that as mentioned earlier, you don’t end up procrastinating or stalling. Find a few tips below for setting career goals.

Write it Down:

If you don’t take the time out to write your goals, it’s possible that you won’t take them as seriously. Writing them down forces you to think through them as well as look at how practical they are.

Make Them Realistic:

Lofty goals are great and can help you aspire for more. However, being realistic is important as well, especially if you want to actually achieve your goals. To ensure they’re realistic, check that they can be measured, relevant and time-based.

Visualize Success:

If you truly want to be successful and reach your goals, you need to be able to envision where you’re going. For some people, this means creating a mood board or getting a physical copy of their goals and putting it somewhere they can see it daily.

Take a Course Online

Not everyone is ready to quit their job and dive into a new career immediately. If you happen to be one of those people, then you should be looking at the possibility of studying online while you work. Thanks to innovation and technology, this is possible, and you can study during your free time while still making a living. The good thing about online learning is that you can also use it to pursue higher education after you’ve settled into your career. For instance, if you decide to take the nursing route, you could do an online MSN nurse practitioner degree while practicing as a registered nurse.

Learn as Much as Possible

Another vital tip for breaking into healthcare is to learn as much as possible before diving in. When breaking into a new industry, you’ve got to learn the ins and outs. There are numerous ways to learn about the healthcare industry, and you’ll find a couple below.

Speak to People:

One of the easiest ways to learn about the healthcare industry would be to speak to people who are already there. Thanks to social media, you can connect with professionals online and start building relations with people from there. Compose a list of questions that you can ask them so that you get the right insight.
Do Online Research: Articles, papers, and e-books can give you so much information regarding the healthcare industry. Read about prospective job roles and what they entail as well as the levels of education and experience needed. This should give you a clearer understanding of the journey ahead of you.


There is nothing like getting hands dirty and experiencing a day in the life of a healthcare professional. See if you can find a few days a month or week to volunteer at an organization or hospital. In doing so, you can test before you buy and be sure that it’s truly an industry you want to be in.

Networking Events:

Going to industry-related events is also a way to learn more about the healthcare sector. You can meet other professionals that are at different points in their journey and hear about how they got there as well as the challenges they faced. You should also note that networking is important as it will help you at every stage of your career, so maintain the connections you make.

Focus on Adding Value

Another useful tip to consider when breaking into healthcare is adding value. Seeing as it’s a service-based industry, you want to be sure that you’re passionate about your job and also have a love for people and enhancing their lives. To increase your value as an employee, you should meet their expectations and find areas that you can excel in. Focus on your strong areas and embrace challenges as they’re often growth opportunities in disguise.

Improve Your Skills

Following on from the last point, taking time out to improve your skills is another thing you can do when breaking into the healthcare industry. Aside from the technical side of things, you need a range of interpersonal skills if you want to do well in healthcare. To improve your interpersonal skills, start with communication. Be clear and concise when speaking to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings. In addition to this, pay attention to your non-verbal communication. Have positive body language so that patients and colleagues feel warm and welcome around you.
Listening is another important skill to have, especially as the healthcare industry often requires communicating, relaying information and sharing knowledge. This is especially true if you’re a nurse, physician, or therapist. In addition to interpersonal skills, work on being organized and managing your time as well.

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