Tips for staying healthy, even when on the go

A guest writer is proud to present his views and opinions on our blog.  We appreciate the contribution as we promote healthy lifestyle choices.  Enjoy this article from Mike.

“Fitness has helped me in particular with dealing with stress and anxiety and I have found that keeping in this routine while traveling is extremely hard and tedious. Exercising should not just happen in the confines of your own home, gym, or neighborhoods. It should be explored in other areas especially for a frequent traveler who wants to stay in his or her routine. There are some really awesome trends going on right now regarding this topic that I would love to explore. I really believe an article on this topic would appeal to your readers tremendously.”



Keeping up with fitness while traveling

People who travel frequently will find it hard to maintain their fitness from time to time.  People are taking advantage of fitness apps to maintain their fitness routines.  A new app aims to make it possible for people to keep up with their yoga training while on the road.  Take a look inside this need yoga app Snooze Yoga.

Snooze yoga helps yoga enthusiasts remain on top of their fitness routine while traveling.  Rina Yoga created the app.  It guides the user through 17 different yoga sequences.  These sequences can be performed conveniently within the hotel room when it is most convenient.  Some users enjoy the app on the go and squeeze in a yoga session anywhere.  People who do not have time to complete a full class will enjoy the mini-session format the app utilizes.  The app even includes soothing music, videos and images to guide the user through each sequence.  The voiceguided prompts assist the user by helping them execute each move correctly.  The app also doubles as an alarm clock and comes with different alarm sounds.  The app is available on iTunes and can be used for mobile devices.

This app is an example of how a busy person can fit their yoga routine into a crammed schedule. People on the go or those who travel often will have to be creative in how they keep up with their fitness regimen.  In addition to fitness apps, a person can research ahead of time and make travel plans with fitness in mind.

Make sure to do some research before booking a hotel. On a recent trip to San Francisco I was able to book great accommodations by checking through a travel site called Gogobot. This site gave me a list of San Francisco hotels where I could then see which ones offered 24-hour gyms. Also, If a member of a major gym, a person can plan their stay at a hotel location in close proximity to their gym.  They can also make arrangements to fly to airports where there are places to exercise.  A person flying into the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport can take advantage of walking paths available in several of the concourses.  People who travel back and forth between San Francisco International Airport and other locations can take advantage of the yoga zen room at the facility.

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