Owen Wilson Exposed to Alzheimer’s – How do families deal with it?

How does your family deal with Alzheimer’s?

Earlier this summer we featured information on Lewy Body Dementia, a disease that one of our favorite comedians was living with, Robin Williams. Now it seems that another beloved funny guy is opening up the impact Alzheimer’s has had on his family. Actor Owen Wilson recently spoke to the Dallas Morning News about his father’s diagnosis of Alzheimer’s.

During his interview, Wilson said, “You just have to do your best to deal with it. You’ve got no choice but to accept it. And then, you sort of still look for the things to be grateful for. He is at home, taken care of, and he has people around that love him.”

Like Wilson stated, the impact that Alzheimer’s disease can have on a family can be great. During The Sound of Ideas talk show, we got to hear from someone in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease and how it was influencing their family. Joan, a woman with early on-set Alzheimer’s discussed the emotional and financial burden that was put on her husband. More information about her struggle can be found here.

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Understanding Alzheimer’s disease can help families and caregivers better deal with the devastation it can cause. Whether you are a celebrity or not, anyone can be affected by dementia. Taking the MemTrax test often can help you or someone you know track memory changes that are associated with the disease. Take a free test today.

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MemTrax is a screening test for the detection of learning and short-term memory issues, particularly the type of memory problems that arise with aging, Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI), dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. MemTrax was founded by Dr. Wes Ashford, who has been developing the memory testing science behind MemTrax since 1985. Dr. Ashford graduated from the University of California, Berkeley in 1970. At UCLA (1970 – 1985), he attained an M.D. (1974) and Ph.D. (1984). He trained in psychiatry (1975 – 1979) and was a founding member of the Neurobehavior Clinic and the first Chief Resident and Associate Director (1979 – 1980) on the Geriatric Psychiatry in-patient unit. The MemTrax test is quick, easy and can be administered on the MemTrax website in less than three minutes. www.memtrax.com

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