Minimize Your Brain Age – Maintain Social Interactions and Community Collaboration

“This is a disease, Alzheimer’s disease, that everybody needs to worry about and everybody has to get involved because no one can do it alone.”

Happy February MemTrax friends! This month I have my 30th Birthday and embark on the next chapter of my life!! Today we will be finishing the Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio talks show interview that has been my focus on these past several blog posts. Dr. Ashford and Lori La Bey discuss the role of socialization and social media in both helping with your brain age and staying connected to a massive community for support. We must strive to collaborate and work together to provide useful information and resources for people seeking help. This series has been packed with great information so if you need to catch up you can start the interview here: MemTrax a Memory Measurement System Featured on Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio – Part 1

Turning 30

New Chapter in life

Dr. Ashford :

You can minimize the amount of aging your brain is doing and try to maintain your social interactions as best you can. The things I am suggesting are not so much pharmacy driven, I am not recommending pills for those, the problem is that Big Pharmacy Corporations have been so driven toward the profit motive that this Beta Amyloid theory, they have wasted about 10 billion dollars studying any drug that would treat that particular condition when that condition turns out to be a normal condition, and Beta Amyloid is a normal substance in the brain. The people who are the “Thought Leaders,” sometimes aren’t really so savvy as to what is going on.

Lori :

Yeah I would tend to agree with that, it is very spooky because credibility is so established. People just kind of rely on people because they have been doing it for a long time, and that makes them the go-to person or organization and they have a handle on it so no one has to worry about it. This is a disease that everybody needs to worry about and everybody has to get involved because no one can do it alone. It is too massive and it is so varied with each individual and each community what the needs are we really have to work as a whole to share knowledge, that’s my thought, and I am kind of crazy on that whole piece “collaboration,” and there is not a whole lot of it out there and it drives me bananas. It is something I strive very hard to be collaborative, and work with others and share and that’s one of the reasons I started the show.

Get COnnected

Connecting People

Alzheimer’s Speaks as a whole is about listening to everybody’s voice so they can adapt and pick and choose what is going to work for them instead of being told its A, B, and C and these are your only options. Now that I am connected social media wise I am shocked, I am dumbfounded on how many resources are out there that the public does not know about. It really saddens me that we are not pulling together working and working better as a team for the greater good, for our basic sense of community standards and embracement. I am very excited about your MemTrax, I love that it is a test that is fun and engaging, the way you have put it together, it doesn’t make it feel like a test. The pressure, the wording in terms of what you are asking for makes it a little bit easier or people to adjust and go forward with their answers. Curtis how do people get a hold of you with MemTrax if they are interested?

Curtis :

Just go to the website and check out the contact page or feel free to email me at

Lori :

Ok, again the website is MemTrax that would be
Any final words Dr. Ashford that you would like to add?

Dr. Ashford :

Well Lori I really like you pushing this because it is a great way to share it with the world.

Dr. J Wesson Ashford

Proud of my Dad, Dr. Ashford

Unfortunately, the world is really all about politics, politics is local and its about getting people interested and concerned and its about pushing the establishments to try to find answers to get things done. I really appreciate what you have done and having us on the show today to talk about what I have spent most of my life to get this thing moving forward and really appreciate the help you have given us today.

Lori :

Well thank you, I am so honored you were able to give us an hour of your time I know you are very busy, again exciting news with the Nobel prize information that came out today that’s fantastic, its just going to elevate the research a little bit more, get more people access and some more money might get pushed at it.

Dr. Ashford :

Push us in the right direction!

Lori :

Yeah, that would be fantastic. Well thank you both so much for being on the show today. Please share this information with your friends and family, this is information your communities need, every one is dealing with this in their own homes or in their neighbors this is a disease that is quite silent on a lot of levels and it needs attention and we can raise that level by working together.

Thank you very much Dr. Ashford and Curtis, we will talk to you again soon and I look forward to watching things progress with MemTrax over the years.

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