Men – Three Ways to Stay Looking and Feeling Young

Nobody likes to think their age is beginning to take a toll on them, but for most of us, some signs start to become apparent even as young as our thirties. Graying or sudden hair loss in men can begin even at what most people would consider a young age, and of course, there are other signs like those aches and pains we just get used to, and not having as much energy as we seem to remember having in the past.

Of course, some people look and feel great and seem to be full of life even in their ’70s, and you only have to look at people like Mick Jagger to see how age doesn’t have to necessarily slow you down, but even the legendary party animal Jagger actually took on an extremely healthy lifestyle once he hit his fifties, and this may well be a good example to follow.

Here are three ways men can stay young and get the most out of life as they age:

Look Younger – Work on Your Hair

Men tend to experience a range of different things when it comes to their hair. Some men keep a full head of hair but go completely gray. Others have receding hairlines or thinning leading to baldness on the top of the head. Generally, these are the things that make them feel that they look older. Grayness can actually be considered attractive in men (it didn’t do George Clooney any harm), but it is very easy to simply dye gray hair if you don’t like how it looks.

For hair loss, products like ScalpMed can help, depending on the cause of hair loss, or there are options like hair implants. Another option that a lot of men find works well for minimal effort is simply to shave their heads. It is also possible to have the scalp tattooed with tiny dots to cover up bald areas if you want the shaven look but with some slight regrowth shadow.

Feel Younger – Exercise Your Brain

Memory exercises and brain training puzzles can be a good way to keep your mind active and keep you feeling as sharp as always. This can be an especially good idea if you don’t have the kind of job where mental problem solving is a daily task. This doesn’t have to be a chore, as there are plenty of games and websites that allow you to work your brain in this kind of way, or you can do something like play chess with a friend.

Feel Younger – Laugh A Lot

Don’t want to become a grumpy old man? Humor is shown to reduce stress and increase your sense of wellbeing and happiness, so make sure you spend a good deal of your social time laughing with friends rather than having serious or negative conversations, and make time to watch some good comedy on TV or online, whatever your sense of humor!

These are just three easy ways to help you stay young both outwardly, and on the inside!

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