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Lumosity Sued for $50 Million – Get CogniFit Instead

Brain Training is a very complex phenomenon that proves through scientific research that a transference effect occurs between cognitive training and real-life application. Luminosity means energy produced measured in joules per second or watts in SI units, lumosity is just simple games that do little for your brain.

Does Brain Training Work?

Yes. CogniFit and other companies have helped establish thousands upon thousands of scientific research articles that proves the benefits of brain training games and their improvement of cognitive function over time and detailed training insights.

Lumosity Luminosity

CogniFit is the leading brain training that offer qualified researchers free access, teachers are free, and you can learn problem solving, experimental challenges, enhance core self, human cognition, receive tips, improve baseline scores, and unlock in depth insights. Lumosity just cant compare. Lets get started and exercise memory with your very own personalized training program.

Does Lumosity Work?

No. Stop playing games with your brain and get CogniFit. Many people ask does lumosity work and we have provided the clear answer.

Lumosity Luminosity

Stop Playing Games with your Brain!

At CogniFit we don’t play games with your brain, we also have the best-in-class cognitive test platform to measure each area of cognitive function. Get your baseline scores now and begin training your cognitive patterns and dive into experimental challenges that are backed by cognitive sciences.

Try CogniFit for FREE and begin your personalized brain training program today, don’t just get fit, get CogniFit!

Get CogniFit – Brain Required

Enjoy a fun brain training with multiple workout modes, better game accuracy, and improve those cognitive skills over time(unlike luminosity).

Strengthen core cognitive functionality with a personalized training program. Choose your desired language and begin a free trial period now.

Common cognitive concerns can change: Exercise with a memory test and play brain games to improve core cognitive skills and complete neuropsychological tasks proven by qualified researchers.

Don’t fall for the lumosity premium subscription when you could benefit more from our premium subscriptions. You can manage your actual charges, cancel auto renewal easily, and review the current period.

CogniFit Game Strengths

With a large product focused team of Neuroscientists, Psychologists, and Engineers we advance cognitive research. The CogniFit popular brain training program has over 4 million active subscribers that love to challenge core cognitive skills.

Human Cognition

Unlock in depth insights that reveal the central essence of the core self within. Learn more about problem solving, how your mind works, and detailed training insights from a real neuroscience research company.

Training Habits

How to stop bad habits, like playing lumosity? Improve your cognitive health by replacing the bad habits in your life with CogniFit Brian as a new habit! Scientists agree that spending a few hours a week doing active sedentary behaviors is much more beneficial to your cognitive function as you age than a boring tasks like lumosity that require no mental energy.

A Better Brain Experience without Lumosity

Through our intuitive device setting and constant bug fixes you can expect a more premium experience than what lumos labs has to offer with lumosity. Sad lumosity’s program consists of highly addictive games that do not do much for your mind accept keep you hooked.

Progress has stopped at luminosity and unused portion of ad spend does not go to growth, luminous should be brighter but they lack experienced designers it seems. Brain games can be fun and exciting, like the similar aarp brain games we offer.

Learn new problem solving strategies, improve cognition, and get your daily tasks to adhere to memory and train on your free time.

Standard benefits:

– Improve your concentration

– Get personalized tips based on research

– Train for memory now

Lumosity Sued and paid $2 Million Dollars

Lumosity paid out 2 million dollars and the judge had claimed something like false advertising. It is sad to see this company try to do a cash grab to exploit peoples wanting to do good for their brain health.

By spending money on advertising Lumosity is a household name and brand recognition is everything in todays economy especially for lumosity. Maybe its true, lumosity, what they say that bad press is better than no press because when you see Luminosity on the google search you can bet they are paying tons for ads to stay at the top.

Forget Lumosity or Luminosity or Whatever

Luminosity designers exploring new careers as the lumosity premium subscriptions might not be listening to the customer receive tips. Lumos labs quickly paid research scientists to develop fake research after their legal troubles, does that sound fair…lumosity?

Is that the kind of problem solving you want people to learn from Luminosity? Lumosity describe how that kind of progress is helping nurture and improve the human brain.

Free version of lumosity leaves much to worry about, brightness in luminosity could fade with age as customers jump off that train. Describe the luminosity game play and review the games designed to be short and fun but not very good at training a cognitive skill.

Automatically renew your disappointment each month for an app you never use by following premium subscriptions form lumosity into other countries business plan. Observe the period selected and local currency depending on and see how they laser target United States Customers with light from luminosity.

In Conclusion: Ditch Luminosity and get CogniFit

Lumosity is not a very good product offering, even if you are interested in their product there are many others that are cheaper and offer more than free trial period.

If you want to try games to improve your brain health, visit our website and see some of the options we have available for you to try lumosity.

Lumosity is bad because they paid out 2 million dollars to the judge in false advertising claims. They also have been known to do fake research on memory and cognition, in order to get people to sign up for their memory train subscriptions.

Luminosity games are not very good at changing a cognitive skill and the free version leaves much to be desired. Overall, lumosity is not a very good investment for your brain health compared to CogniFit. Brain games with better game accuracy than lumosity training is available now!

Best Neuropsychological Tests

Get hands on with CogniFit Cognitive Assessment Battery, scientists prefer a good measure of how the mind works and brain age. Calculate brain age after you take part in a research test for free.

Luminous and brightness of lumos labs cant hold a candle to the luminosity we generate. Auto renewal the current period to automatically renew your love for the brain.

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