How Does Stress Affect Your Memory?

Whenever we feel stressed, we can be causing harm to not only our physical health but our mental health too. Research has shown that stress can cause problems related to our memory and learning. Here are the ways in which stress can affect your memory and steps you can take to help alleviate symptoms.

Chronic Stress

There are varying levels of stress that can be a factor in memory loss with the first of these being chronic stress. Poor memory is linked to the stress hormone cortisol, which impairs the function of memory areas inside the brain. Long-term exposure to the hormone can be causing you considerable damage to your brain cells located in the hippocampus. This area is in a primary spot of the brain that is used for memory retrieval and formation. For those who suffer from chronic stress, the functions of the hippocampus perform more poorly, as well as becoming more prone to brain cell death during the aging process.

Acute Stress

There has also been research done on those who suffer from acute stress which proves that higher stress levels cause damage to memory. Although stress comes part and parcel with everyday life, it is important to understand the levels of stress and anxiety you face in your daily life, as memory loss can cause further problems and complications further down the line.

Working Memory

There have also been studies that show high stress can be harmful to your working memory. If you are holding a small piece of information in your mind and manipulating it to solve an issue, you are using your working memory. If you are suffering from excess stress or anxiety, they can be factors that can harm and hinder your working memory from performing effectively.

Physical Effects

There are also physical effects of stress that occur in your body when you experience higher levels of stress, such as hair loss. Visiting websites like Scalp Med can give you more information on specialist treatments available that can help tackle and restore any hair loss. Reading reviews from others who have used the products will help you make up your mind on whether it is the right solution for you.

Lowering Stress

With stress proven to harm your memory, it is important that you establish healthy ways on how you can reduce your stress levels. Although it is inevitable that you will find yourself in stressful environments, there are situations that you can avoid, which can help fight off any anxiety and stress. Also, practicing meditation or signing up for a yoga class could prove beneficial for you and help you remain in control of your emotions.

Knowing what to look out for when experiencing memory loss can help you take control, so you can find the right ways to help reduce your stress levels. If you require any further assistance, it is advised to speak to your doctor who will be able to answer any queries or worries you may have.

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