Why Good Memory and Brain Health Is Important For Nursing Students

Keeping your brain active and training your memory is a good thing to do at any time. It can help fend off dementia in later life, make you more productive, and can also be fun! However, one time when it becomes especially important to keep your brain fit is when you are studying for something important.

Nursing Students And Brain Fitness

Nursing is a career a lot of people aspire to, and many students looking to qualify for nursing roles see the job as a true calling.

These days, more and more people are given the opportunity to follow a career in nursing. It is possible to do an online nursing degree that will be as well respected professionally as a degree gained at a conventional college. Online students have a lot of benefits, like being able to study more flexibly. However, they do also need to be focused and self-motivated – something that good brain training can help with.

Why Is Memory Especially Important For Nurses?

Doing memory and brain training exercises can benefit just about everyone, but nurses, when working, need to rely on it a lot. As well as remembering individual patients and the things they are being treated for, nurses also have to remember the bulk of their professional knowledge as they work.

While in an office job, you can always look things up online or spend ages going through old emails to find a detail you’ve forgotten. Nurses don’t really have that luxury. They generally have to work quickly and without necessarily being able to go away and refer to things other than any patient notes they have. Sometimes, for instance in an ER type of situation, a nurse may not even have that information, and so will need to remember the protocols for treating all different kinds of things at all times.

It is good then, to get in the habit of improving your memory through training exercises while you are studying for your conventional or online nursing degree so that you will be well equipped to use your memory to its best after you qualify.

Regular Brain Training

As every nursing student knows, the brain isn’t a muscle, but it is like one in the sense that when not used regularly it loses some of its capability. As with a muscle, it can be improved by training, but maintenance is key to keeping it in shape.

It is, therefore, a really good idea both to help you in your studies and to help you as a nurse to spend a few minutes a day on puzzles and other brain training exercises that can improve and maintain your mental sharpness. There are a lot of apps and systems for doing this, some of which you can find online. It is good to vary the kinds of exercises you do to keep yourself engaged and keep on reaping the benefits, so train your brain at least once a day.

Start brain training today, and you will soon notice the difference!

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