Cognitive Function & Decline – 3 Ways to Prevent Alzheimer Disease

How will you prevent Alzheimer disease?

How will you prevent Alzheimer disease?

Cognitive function varies from person to person for many reasons, but while many individuals believe that the idea of cognitive decline is inevitable, here at MemTrax we believe that mental health awareness can begin at any age with simple activity and lifestyle changes. In this blog post, we introduce three basic ways for any individual to not only exercise their brain, but to prevent the dramatic decline of cognitive function.

They are:

1. Feed your body with fuel, not bad fats: Did you know that high consumption of trans fats and saturated fats actually promotes the growth of beta-amyloid plaques in the brain? These plaques are extremely dangerous and are often indicative of cognitive function conditions like Alzheimer’s or dementia. In fact, it has been reported that individuals with high fat diets nearly triple their risk of developing Alzheimer’s in their lifetime. In order to promote sound brain health, an adult’s diet should be rich in vitamins and protective minerals. Fruits, veggies and legumes are a great source of strength for the body and aid in creating total body wellness.

2. Stay physically active: Being healthy and living a positive lifestyle is one of the best weapons against cognitive decline conditions in addition to general bodily decline. Try making it a point to fit a light to moderate workout into your week three or four times; it will make you feel rejuvenated and refreshed. These workouts can be light aerobics, a walk around the neighborhood or any other form of light exercise that you are comfortable performing.

3. Stay mentally active: Memory issues can be directly linked to a handful of developed medical conditions in addition to the obvious, Alzheimer’s and dementia. For that reason, exercising your memory on a regular basis is essential for gauging the health of your brain, while also keeping your memory active and engaged on a regular basis. Here at MemTrax, we hold firmly to the idea that checking one’s memory allows people to take a proactive approach to caring for their memory health and is an essential aspect of cognitive decline prevention.

Our cognitive test is a free, fun, quick and easy way to test your memory each month in under 3 minutes. It is highly recommended by medical professionals and you can use it on any smart phone or tablet or take the test via computer.

While there is currently no cure for Alzheimer’s, staying proactive in the health of your body and mindful of your cognitive function can make all the difference later down the line. If you are ready to embark on a journey of mental stimulation, we urge you to try the MemTrax app and take the free memory test today! You and your brain won’t regret it!

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