Crazy Games for the Brain: Training the Brain for Better Employees

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Today, because of the competitive world that we live in, companies that provide opportunities and job satisfaction to their employees are the ones to stay ahead of the corporate success curve. Able employees who feel underutilized often seem frustrated, unmotivated, less loyal, and even prone to making more mistakes at their jobs. Employees want to…

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Biggest Barriers to Sleep for 40+

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Poor sleep habits may increase chances of early onset Alzheimer’s disease. Studying how stress affects sleep in older adults. The study found that stressful life events, like the death of a loved one, were more likely to affect the sleep of older adults. However, work-life balance was also found to be important, with those who…

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Do You Have What it Takes to be a Healthcare Administrator?

Modern healthcare has moved on at a great pace in recent years and, as a direct result, the demands on healthcare leaders have intensified. The healthcare administrators of today need to be multi-skilled, highly experienced, and able to cope with a high level of pressure. The best can approach their role with a combination of…

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Stages of Caregiving: The Early Stage of Alzheimer’s

When your loved one is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s their life not only drastically changes, but yours does too. It can be scary and overwhelming to take on this new role of caregiver. To help you better understand what is to come, here are some insights into the early stages of caring for someone with Alzheimer’s. What to…

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Benefits of Regular Exercise for Alzheimer’s and Dementia

For a healthier life, doctors have always suggested a “balanced diet and exercise.”  Nutritious meals and a regular exercise routine not only benefit your waistline, they have also been connected to Alzheimer’s and dementia improvements. In a recent study at the Wake Forest School of Medicine, researchers found that “[v]igorous exercise not only makes Alzheimer’s…

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Ipad Toting Doctors Spur Venture Funding In Medical Apps

Venture capitalists seeking to profit from innovations in health care are turning to startups that make smartphone and tablet applications for doctors and hospitals. Two years ago, patients would be surprised to see their doctors pulling out an Apple Inc. (AAPL)iPhone to check their blood sugar, or cardiogram results. Now they’re finding such practices commonplace as…

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