6 Memory Hacks That Every Student Should Know

Finding your study rhythm is an important part of being a student, but it can take some time. If you’re looking for ways to make your study sessions more productive, these simple memory hacks can help you out.

Take a Walk Before You Study

According to research from Harvard, regular exercise causes structural changes in the brain that are associated with improved memory capabilities. Not only will you be getting all the usual benefits of exercise, but you will also give your study sessions a boost. There are plenty of other psychological benefits to going for a walk, and some people find that walking before a study session enables them to focus better.

Read Aloud

If you read things aloud, you will remember them better. You don’t have to read loudly – this isn’t about volume, rather it’s about engaging more parts of your brain when you are making a memory. Of course, this is a study tip best saved for when you’re studying at home, don’t try it in a library!

Take Regular Breaks

Overworking yourself is not recommended. It’s important that your study sessions aren’t a joyless monotony. Even if you love the subject that you’re studying for, too much studying without any breaks will not do you any favors. You might think that the more time you spend studying, the more you will learn, but this is only the case up to a certain point. If you study for too long, then you will soon lose focus and find it difficult to take on board whatever you are studying.

Reward Yourself

Make sure that you are also making time to enjoy yourself, and possibly even work towards a reward. A reward can be anything; it doesn’t have to be an object, and you don’t even need to leave your house. A reward could be giving yourself some time to play video games or watch movies. The point is to give yourself some personal enjoyment for doing well.

Study on Your Own Schedule

A growing number of students are choosing to study their courses online so that they can learn at their own pace. If you go down this route then you will be entirely responsible for your own schedule – no one else is going to guide you. This makes it even more important to develop a healthy routine for getting your work and studying done. However, in return, you will also have complete freedom over your time. If this sounds like a way of doing things that appeals to you, check out these Marian University Online Programs. Studying online is ideal for anyone looking to study while they work, and most universities offer part-time courses.

Teach What You Learn

If you have the opportunity to partner up with a study buddy, this is a potentially very powerful revision tool. If you are studying online or don’t have anyone to study with, think about writing down what you know in the form of articles or blog posts. The act of explaining concepts to other people will help you to identify and address any weak points in your knowledge, especially if you are doing it with someone who can ask follow-up questions.

Once you have found your rhythm and developed an effective study routine, you’ll be able to pick up new concepts with ease. Make sure not to overdo it, just don’t get too complacent.

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