6 Key Reasons to Consider Whiteboard Animation Videos in Your Campaign

The use of videos can make a big difference in your marketing campaign. This is because they have high consumption rates and are among the most shared forms of content. If you are looking to make a difference in your marketing campaigns, consider making some whiteboard animation videos. These will give you the benefits you get from the regular videos and some additional benefits from the animation. Some of the benefits include:

High Engagement

Whiteboard videos have the potential to generate high engagement rates. They are both informative and fun and thus viewers are more likely to enjoy, comment and share on such posts. These videos also have a high share rate compared to other forms of videos. Thus, if you have been making videos and getting minimal shares, compare experimenting with whiteboard videos. When you get the script and characters right, the content can go viral leading to an increase in brand visibility.

Long Term Message Retention

Viewers are likely to retain the messages they see on animation videos better than other forms of media. The long-term retention is beneficial when creating brand awareness as well as when building customer loyalty. When customers remember your business, they are more likely to buy your products and services compared to when you are out of mind.

One of the reasons why it is easy to remember the content from animation videos is because they are fun. Additionally, it is more engaging compared to reading a text presentation.

Draw and Retain Attention Easily

The animations draw the attention of the viewer easily compared to other forms of content. Additionally, the cartoon presentations can entice the viewer to watch the entire video. Therefore, whiteboard animations help in getting more viewers as well as encouraging the viewer to watch the entire video. When the viewer plays the entire video, they will get all the information and the call to action at the end. This boosts the conversion rates.

Simplified Concepts

A whiteboard animation video will simplify concepts making it easy for your readers to grasp what you are talking about. A prospect is less likely to take any action when you present them with data or information that they do not understand.

Reduce Bounce Rates for Your Website

Whiteboard videos can be used on the homepage and other pages to reduce the bounce rates. Even with a good website design and presentation, some visitors still bounce back. Bounce rates are bad for your business because they not only deny you the opportunity to engage with the visitor, but they can also affect your search engine rankings negatively. Many people love watching and thus by using whiteboard videos you can reduce the bounce rate for your site.

Less Effort to Produce

Animation videos take less effort to produce; all you need to get started is a goal and a script. Additionally, if you are not feeling creative, there are a number of professionals who can do everything for you at a fee.

There is so much to gain by investing in whiteboard animations. You can use the animation videos to showcase your products, tell a story, teach or educate and entertain to mention but a few.

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