3 Reasons Why You Might Need an Employment Lawyer

Legal action is often the last option in many situations, but it might be necessary sometimes if you need a major issue or disagreement resolved. There are many different scenarios that might arise where legal action may need to be taken, including hiring a lawyer. However, the type of lawyer that you will need will depend on the problem that you are facing. Different lawyers may specialize in different fields of law. Employers often hire a lawyer as a part of their team. Employment lawyers offer a range of services including drafting and creating employee contracts, HR policies, and client agreements to ensure that they are all legally compliant and that the rights of all parties are protected. They might also be involved in contract negotiation and other business components. Some of the most common reasons why a company might need an employment lawyer include:

Court Representation

One of the most common reasons for a business to hire an employment lawyer is that they need a legal professional to represent them in court. This might be the case if a client or employee has brought a claim against your business, for example. You may need to hire an employment lawyer if you are dealing with a customer who has reported an accident that they had at your place of business or if an employee has brought a wrongful termination claim against you. An employment lawyer can help with all aspects of these circumstances including negotiating with the other party and refuting the claim in court to reduce your losses.

Contract Formation

You may consider hiring an employment lawyer like Baird Quinn to be involved with drafting and creating employee contracts, contractual agreements with your clients, and your business’s HR policies. Having a lawyer help with putting these contracts and polices together or look over them and sign them off before they are made official, will help to ensure that the legal rights of all parties involved are protected. An employment lawyer can also help in the event of an employee breaching the conditions of their employment contract, for example, if an employee has been accused of harassment. They can also help if there are any accusations of workplace discrimination.

Legal Compliance

When you hire employees, you have a legal requirement to keep your employees safe and make sure that they have safe working conditions. Since there is quite a large set of rules and regulations in place to make sure that employees are protected, it can sometimes be difficult to know whether or not you are compliant as an employer. Hiring an employment lawyer is the best way to make sure, since they will take you through all the legal requirements that come along with employing staff and help you make sure that you do not run into unnecessary trouble. Since employment laws can change quite regularly, having a lawyer will help you make sure that you stay up to date.

Whether you are hiring your first employee or are an established employer, there are several reasons why you might want to consider working with an employment lawyer.